Sponsors'  Page

    The Mohawk Valley Choral Society would like to thank the following Sponsors for their support of its May concert.

We would ask you to please SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS and ADVERTISERS!!

    If you would be interested in sponsoring the Winter 2017 concert, please e-mail us by clicking contact us  and we will send you more informationYou may also write to Mohawk Valley Choral Society, P.O. Box 46, Little Falls, NY 13365.

Sponsors for Spring 2018 Concert

Platinum Plus Level


George F. Aney

Mark Bunce

Burrows Foundation

Kenneth & Beverly Davis Fund

Kenneth & Donyce McCluskey


Platinum Level

In Memory of Mary Jane deLalla

Martha & Burrell Fisher

David J. Reardon


Gold Level

Barbara Carnet

Timothy & Kathleen Carter

Fake's Auto Enterprise, Inc.

Rebecca Ferris

Barry & Naomi Gage

Paul & Laurie LaVine

Judy & Al McDowell

Rusty Roseen

Carol Steele

Rev. Harry & Debbie Teuchert


Silver Level

Gary Aney
Carlton & Ruth McKenney
Dr. Joseph D. Conigliaro
Charlotte & Grant Phillips
Beverly P. Davis
Bob Pohlig
Ron Frone
Lorel & Dean Rathbun
Mrs Mounir Hanna
William & Eugenia Taft
HBE Groiup, Inc.
Margaret Trefzger
David & Beatrice Malone
Elizabeth Wade in Memory of Beverly Davis
Bob & Cathie Maxwell
Laraine & Jan Waterbury
Carlton & Ruth McKenney


Bronze Level

Teresa Bryla
Ben & Daniel Rathbun
Jane C. Driskell
Joseph Turczyn & Sooi Del Gloria
Scott & Mary Grogan
Deidre Turner
Trudy Ortlieb
Cathy & Carl Wheat